Investment Focus

Our unique investment style comprises an long-term investment horizon, longer than most financial sponsors. We will typically hold our private equity investments for periods of 10-15 years, but will also remain highly engaged in the governance of our investee firms through teams of highly established industry partners.

      Our current investment themes comprise:
    • Distressed investments arising from sovereign fiscal dislocations and recession of recent years
  • Property intensive businesses where we can use our expertise in disaggregating real estate components
  • Businesses in vertical sectors where we can bring considerable synergies with our existing investment portfolio and network
  • Maximizing advantages generated through investment incentives in our key focus geographies

Our more liquid investment strategies range from equity and debt investments in our core sectors and are managed separately in partnership with highly established investment managers.

Geographically we are currently focused on Southern Europe, where we also have accumulated considerable experience and transaction sourcing capabilities.

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